Installation housing three channels of synched video that centred around a credit sequence rendered moments before the private view.

The text featured acted as a key to props in the space and other scenes in the films, such as gestures shot in the space the night before, a dredger relocating silt from a marina floor, borrowed and stolen clips from the internet and three stories that addressed differing forms of legacy.

Sculptural elements encrusted in saline included an arched and titled wooden screen, various stands and supports constructed at the same angle and a platform that housed an unfinished drawing of a ship designed to be visible when reflected in a pole.


1. An unfinished drawing of a ship

2. The Left Screen (laptop on angled table

3. Abandoned stage area with props (still lit)

4. Copper backed photo’s of Mabel and George

5. Cabin c-print

6. The Right Screen, (LCD TV on angled stand)

7. Recent photo by Gary James of log stack dating back to ‘87

8. The Middle Screen (Video projection ratio 9:3)

9. Crystal Encrusted Facade (wood structure encrusted in saline)

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Split Three: The Dredger God
Installation and Performance, 3B Gallery,
Heidestrasse 46, Berlin (Nov 2007 – Jan 2008)

Download score here

Image: Cabin

  Installation layout     Looking for the edge of the work Mast, the third mind (slow dancing) Dredger dredging Kitty, singing Patsy Cline's I fall to pieces, one of the three Wiki-sirens contacted through youtube An unfinished drawing of a ship (to be viewed in a reflective pole)

Apocalypso, interior shot of the Georgina Mabelina

Installation view.  
Transcriptions from the installations audio tracks:


In 1988 the Ashdown forest was bequeathed to the local council. for the sum of a pound ending the 500 year ownership by the De la Warr lineage.

Sold by the 11th earl in the wake of his fathers’ death the forests’ various uses have been well documented and ranged from foundry to farm.

At the age of 66, on returning home from the House of Lords, the 10th earl threw him self into the path of an underground train and though his suicide could not be fully resolved, the locally promoted reason for his sorrow was the devastation inflicted on the forest by the 1987 hurricane.

Despite the Great Storms’ devastation the forest still hosts several fine examples of 18th century tree collections with species from as far away as New Zealand and Canada. One such collection lines part of the A22 which runs from the forest to the coast.


For her first two near death experiences Patsy Cline was said to be part grateful.

The throat infection she suffered from in her youth meant she had to endure a long spell in hospital and was revived by doctors having stopped breathing twice.

Though a harrowing experience it was probably instrumental in the development of her vast vocal range with her often citing it as the creator of her bellowing voice.

21 years later she was thrown through the windscreen in a near fatal car crash which left her with a scar on her forehead and dislocated hip.
Following this second brush with death she rededicated her life to Christianity speaking openly about her experiences of a godly presence whilst in hospital.

Less than a week before she had made provisions with a friend regarding the care of her children should her demise be untimely.

The second time they discussed this was a week before her plain crashed into a forest near Camden, Tennessee killing her at the age of just 30 along with three others. Bad weather and poor visibility were blamed.


For as far back as I can remember her my Great Auntie Mabel had Alzheimers.

Members of the family speculated about its untypical early arrival being linked to the fact she never had children.

It was never discussed why this was but she had been quite the career woman in her younger days, rising well above her 'expected station in life', having come from a such poor family. She had grow up on the same street as my Great Uncle George and though not a typically affectionate character they were very much in love.

They both held my father in high regard with him being the last person she was able to recognise towards the end, referring to him as Young Gary.

When she past they left every thing to him and after much consideration he brought a boat with the proceeds and named it the Georgina Mabelina.

Thinking Big
Random Play
Fiddling with the Faculty (w/ Edward Clive)
Draft 1, 2, & 3 (w/ Jane Frances Dunlop)
Liberate Labour
Triggering Diagram
The Enormous Space

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