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Over the Rockies: A working Dagram
performance at Miss Micks, Berlin (May 2009)

Image: Rock Hudson in his own lasso taken on the set of Giant

Featuring an American attempting to read a text on Rock Hudson written in Poliari, (a form of cant slang that was used in the UK by, merchant sailors, fairground showmen, actors and the gay subculture till the 1960).
A frozen form or frame. Quake: A conversation across a page with the venues curator (whist straining to keep our knees in line with the surface of a structure imitating an upturned lasso). Still from a skit with a joke in it that starts a little something like, 'So, three guys walk in to a bar' Camera Lasso feeding back frantically Plan of how to multiply in space by cheating the gaze of a video camera rotating at 3rpm. Splot
Paint passing through feed back  
Final Act:
the venues curator don's a mirrored tube and steps on to the rotating plat form. The back drop is unveiled reflecting in her head dress.
Image visible in the curators headware.  

Put simply I guess its just a deconstructed joke, but I don't tend to put things simply. Maybe you could say; An attempt to find a place for all the thoughts around a subject that doesn't want to be pinned down but is about things meeting at a point? Or maybe we could state the ingredient so far:
mirror as pillar
lasso as a hook
clockwise as anti that
landscape as heartache
doing as fakement
paint as placement
..... and some other things that no doubt alliterate.
and Sophie will you take Rock's role?


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