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Draft 1; On Point, Performative essay with Jane Dunlop, Beyond Text Conference, C4CC London (Jan 2011)
    Starting on a well placed quote Outlining the works perimeters Wrestling with the positioning of a bibliography Cuing the distribution of text Steps towards a collective reading machine Distributed texts read allowed in the round

Draft 1, is a live conversation across different disciplines, set against a countdown.  It discusses the relationship between text, bodies and knowledge by looking at the effects of accumulation, translation, and syncopation on the delivery of information. We attempt to make the relationship between these ideas tangible, by marking them out physically in the space. To do this we use books (quite a lot of books) from which we pick through quotes, paraphrase ideas, and generally try and draw sense. We don't always agree on what goes where. But in trying comes movement within the concepts we are playing with. The end sees us disband our books for the audience to read aloud from. Dispersed around the performance, the audience hear information specific to their vicinity. The connections and logic of the language becomes spatial and moments of sense and humor appear out of the chaos. It was not the performance we originally set out to make, but as a public conversation it questions the nature of knowledge production and the role of performance in that. It celebrates the moment of excitement when the scope of an idea becomes apparent, and its links seem visible. It’s a call to share that, to find a space for it, to make sense together for the sake of and with an audience. 

Bibliography used during the performance: (PDF of double dial)

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Draft 2; The 11 Hour, Performative essay with Jane Dunlop, What Now, Siobhan Davies Studio, London (April 2011)

Draft 3 was a collaborative text commissioned for Activate e-journal

info on 'Figures of the Sensible', Activate special issue:

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